Sanitation Police for strange human beings of Delhi

India Ragpickers' Dilemma

Did you know?

India generates 5.6 million metric tons of solid waste annually, with Delhi generating the most of at municipality at 689.5 metric tons every day, according to a report from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). If that doesn’t scare you. I have an Idea. I want you to become Gregg Segal of your family and photograph your family lying in a weekly load of trash. The sound of it just makes you cringe doesn’t it!

Ever gotten annoyed at unavailability of *pretty place* to take your girl around town for a sweet romantic walk. You do know that THE first date is a deal breaker? Nervous now? Good. And no! Am not referring to parks of Delhi. These places are scandalous. No Joke. Might just rename them, *Delhi’s X-rated Gardens*. Not to forget, these notorious strange men and women who fling their garbage onto the sidewalk/ road from their car window, as if that teeny tiny piece of paper or a chocolate wrapper’s weight is too much to bear for that SUV of yours and HAS to be dumped RIGHT then and there.

Delhi! A beautiful historic city with beautiful parks has countless strange human species that do not respect a public space. The city has a shameless habit of what I would like to call: Indecent Exposure of its Garbage. 

One does not have to go far from one’s neighborhood (provided you are not living in gated complexes like Central Park or Magnolias etc – that my dear is not real India, that is coexisting in what I call a parallel India). Don’t you feel angry at the current state of the recently renovated famous Connaught Place?  Disgusting amount of spit and open sewage in and around THE most famous area of the city. Now compare this to NDMC governed area of a Delhi. The Indira Gandhi International Airport. You enter IGI and it feels like you are in a whole different world altogether, not even a single candy wrapper. Trimmed lawns. Even the floors are scented! The metro stations. The Metro itself. The sheer diversity of the crowd running shoulder to shoulder, panting up and down the escalators in the metro stations is mind-boggling BUT we are still able to keep those places spit free! Do comment below your thoughts as to why the metros are clean? Is it because of the fear of metro sanitation police? Proper maintenance? Citizen responsibility? Combination of a multitude of factors?

The city needs policing. A Sanitation Police.  United State’s Department of Sanitation New York City has been in existence since 1981, responsible for waste collection, recycling, street sweeping and recruitment of a dedicated uniformed cleaning and collection force. The department not only manages city’s waste problem but also makes it imperative to spread awareness by organizing Golden Apple Awards. These monetary recognition awards target schools and have three  ‘TrashMaster’ categories, i.e., Super Recyclers, Reduce and Reuse Challenge, Team up to Clean up. The enthusiasm runs high amongst the teachers and students to win future context. Sustainability is fun!

Something along these lines is a MUST have for Delhi. Green Cops of Delhi, (GCDs) sounds super fancy! These cops will be responsible for keeping the area clean by negative reinforcement, giving tickets for illegal street dumping either by shop owners or residents in general. A formal integration plan with the municipality street sweepers and rag pickers and other sanitation workers need to be formalized. In Connaught Place, shops can each own a pillar in front and shoulder the responsibility of keeping it in its pristine white glory. Income generation. A private-public partnership of some sorts.  Idea, courtesy Mr. Sidhu. Ban selling of gutka as Supreme Court is promising.  A carcinogen that not only  makes the body bleed but the street corners as well!

If you are student or a teacher, kindly take the initiative to start a green club in your school. Majority of the schools around town already have something along these lines, so kindly do not make it yet another random Extra Circular activity.  Making it an important part of academic curriculum under necessary community service. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Become a leader by organizing recycling awareness campaigns via your school. Let us initiate a movement! Dear rest of the Citizens, kindly stop spitting on the streets, no ones wants your phlegm stuck to their shoes or cringe every time they turn a corner. For the love of God, DO NOT THROW YOUR GARBAGE OUT THE CAR! WAIT TILL YOU SPOT A GARBAGE CAN, if not, am assuming you are going to place, which will at least have one bin.Now here’s a step plan.  I would like to call this “SWAG

 S:  Spot a garbage can.  W: Walk proudly towards it.   A:  Aim, such that the bag goes IN the bin. No. NOT OUTSIDE. IN IT. Yes, there we go!  G:  Garbage free.

Savour the moment. Be proud of yourself.  A job well done!

Here’s to beautiful memorable walks around town!


One response to “Sanitation Police for strange human beings of Delhi

  1. Great article and a subject close to my heart.

    Here’s an article on unionised trash collection in Pune – reportedly empowering the traditional rag picking (a term I dislike) community:

    I think there is also a problem in India with over-packaging and people absolving themselves of further responsibility because they feel that it’s enough just to put their trash in the can.

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